sobota 1. srpna 2009

Game download

,,Firstly, download from this address and download to a folder Current Installer & Patches, Patches & Archived Installer no! These are old versions of games that do not. If you have downloaded, to install in that order,,

1. Impressive Title Game Setup
2. 0.6 Patch
3. 0.7 Patch
4. Presets Patch 1
5. Presets Patch 2
6. Direct 3D Patch
7. OpenGL Patch

,,Well, now you have everything installed and the area would you find the icon with the head of a lion and the paw icon,,

About Impressive Title

About game

Impressive Title is a game where you can try beast life, therefore, lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs and all cats and dogs. This game created KovuLKD, for fans Lion king, and the furry or lovers beast. In the game, you can equip items, attack on animals, download maps or simply talking with other users. The game is terribly catchy, certainly when you play for the first time, you play it 4ever, like me. My name on the IT is AmberTheTigress and i can help you.

,,Hm, ok, it's Impressive Title. It's really best game in the world! I can help you, please post me a comment,,

Your Amber